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  • A helmet that helps save lives and improves the rider’s experience. However, there is currently a large blind spot around motorcyclists, making them vulnerable to life-threatening accidents;
  • ICH solves this problem by integrating custom and currently available technology into motorcycle helmets that can alert the rider and allow them to see danger before it is too late.

Blind spot elimination with dual 240 degree rear camera with proximity sensor

  • “The helmet (Smart Skull) contains many of the same technologies as other products, but what we like the most is that it really seems to work hard to make these features part of improving rider safety, rather than existing for it”.
  • “The Intelligent Cranium helmet is the most ambitious high-tech helmet we have ever seen

Security (hardware and software): physical construction

Carbon fiber + Kevlar overprotection

Designed to meet current and future security standards.

Each model is designed and manufactured with maximum safety in mind. For physical construction, we secure each helmet with carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber for durability. To further ensure safety, we have broken the following restrictions prior to shipment: DOT, SNELL, and ECE 22.05 certified. Oh … there’s one more, but we’ll save it as a big surprise as soon as we get it.

Almost all of the motorcyclists had at least one close contact while riding and one of the vehicles nearly (or in some cases) blinded them because neither the motorcyclist nor the driver of the vehicle saw each other.

The core of our helmet hardware is focused on safety. The series is unmatched in functionality and safety, with the following key safety features:

  • A dual rear view camera that eliminates blind spots and provides a 240 degree blind spot field of view; Similar products do not provide this key safety element and can only produce a maximum 180 degree field of view
  • A single 180 degree rear time of flight (TOF) probe / proximity sensor provides visual (via HUD) and audible (optional and can be disabled) alerts for hazards within 5 to 15 feet
  • Ultra-bright LED rear helmet light allows you to overlook the driver on the road at night or in low light.
  • GPS Helmet Tracker – Use the “Find My Helmet” feature in our companion app and never forget your helmet location
  • Self-shaping sun visor designed so that the cyclist never has to take their hands off the bike; always see clearly
  • Built-in Speaker: Actually, we study the position of the built-in speaker as sound. Rather than the uncomfortable feeling of headphones or wireless speakers coming close to your ears in a helmet that is already quite adequate, to solve this problem, we have retracted the speakers a bit. Now you can enjoy immersive sound effects during long-distance trips.
  • Front Screen Hardware: A FOV waveguide projection module with 1280×720 40 degree FOV resolution is mounted inside the helmet, and the rear view camera is designed on our HUD as a cover for the road ahead. If necessary, our HUD can be easily disassembled and stored.


  • [Head-up display software] -Use our general software, but deal specifically with our head-up display (HUD); we take a different approach that we think is safer. To bring you safety first and an amazing experience. What you see in the GIF above is where we started, but our new approach to what you see in the HUD is just to show you the really important information. We have now limited the information to just: rear camera field of view, GPS navigation, discreet proximity alerts, and visual confirmation whether or not you are recording your trip; this will show up in a future update.
  • [Emergency Service Alert System (ESAS)]: In the event of an accident, if the passenger does not respond within 5 to 20 seconds, our ESAS will not only alert the emergency contact, but also the nearest emergency service (first respondents) about the problem an alarm.
  • [Recognition / Voice Command]: The ability to perform hands-free tasks is a big security concern, but also a difficult task. So that’s what we are doing. Not only are we committed to providing hands-free functionality when you use the iC-R, we also use our own artificial intelligence to customize it.
  • [Bluetooth W / PASSENGER TO PASSENGER COMMUNICATION]: connect the rider to one or more partners by voice activation; by request. Now through the Bluetooth mesh network to bring you a stronger and more stable connection.
  • [Front Action Camera]: With the 4k camera at 60FPS, cyclists can capture, share and broadcast their routes and any content in FOV; In HD, it features image stabilization to smooth and smooth the edges. Designed to incorporate and replace the use of other sport helmet type cameras; to make the pilot’s helmet more portable and integrated. Who wants to mess up the mount and the sports camera, which adds uncomfortable weight to a part of the helmet and negatively affects the natural aerodynamics of the helmet while riding?
  • [Breathing Filter] – Your health and safety are complementary, that’s why we also provide a washable breathing filter to help protect you from dust, allergens, odors and other invisible elements while traveling. Harmful particles damage one place to another.
  • [Modular Hardware] -Most of the components are modular and can be replaced without replacing the entire helmet. This change makes it more unique, practical and affordable, and it really sets us apart from our competitors.
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